Disappearing memo text



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    I'm at R48.15 and still have the memo disappearing problem…

  • Tigressa7
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    FYI, I just spent almost 2 hours on with Quicken troubleshooting various scenarios and software versions with this issue. They have now opened a case and it has been escalated to the programmers. I am hopeful we will have a resolution soon.

    Incidentally, we did notice that if you use the mouse to click on "catagory" rather than use "tab" to get there after completing the memo, the memo text will stay, so the issue appears to be with the "tab" navigation. Of course that's not a solution for most of us, but it's a workaround.

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    I am still running into the exact same problem. I download trasactions, type (or copy/paste) text into the memo field, press tab and then it deletes the text in the memo field. If I enter text into the memo field, click category, the text stays. When I click save, the category stays and then the memo field deletes again. I have to re-enter text into the memo field every time and save a second time. This is the only way I get get text to stay in the memo field for downloaded transactions. It started around December 2022, like others have stated.

  • Tigressa7
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    Agreed…I told them yesterday that I recalled it started around the holidays last year. Did not know about the save issue as in our testing I never saved a transaction (I did this too many times and would run out of transactions to test with). They are aware of this thread and hopefully will see this new observation. Thanks for sharing.

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    I experience this issue as well. I am on release R48.15 build This has been a problem for several recent releases. I keep hoping that the next release will correct the issue, but such has not been the case.
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    Yeah, add me to the list as well. This is clearly a widespread problem. And if I may vent a bit — you forced users to buy a subscription because you weren't making enough money selling annual updates with very modest changes to the program each year. The subscription allegedly was to allow you to do constant ongoing updates to the program to improve the program. Ironically, more often than not, you introduce bugs instead. Seriously, just leave the darn code alone. Pretty irritating.

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    Completely agree with the above post from res2000, the programming team and management team supporting Quicken is incompetent to a level hard to imagine. This fix could have been corrected months ago with a simple script update. The reality is that providing a high quality product with proper beta testing conflicts with the current profit targets. For those of you managing this product, please just fix the bugs and then leave the product alone. Last year an update deleted valuable financial data for many, this time an update deletes text, other bugs continue to destroy the image of Intuit and the Quicken product itself. It may be time to simply go back to not using Quicken, I survived for much of my life without it....
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    STILL happening after more than two months! Have reported this twice to support (from the Help menu item). Just did update to version 49.22 build Running Windows 10. Come on Quicken, fix it already! This is very annoying!
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    I have been having the same issue. When I download any transactions, after I type a memo, tabbing or hitting enter causes the entire memo text to disappear. I first noted this about 4-6 months ago, after a new update. I called Quicken support after it was not fixed, in January and February 2023 and again April 2026. I was told it would be escalated and a fix would be made……..yet today, when I called both the first level and supervisor told me it was an isolated problem and I had to validate and fix my file and when that did not work, that I had to create a brand new file (I have been using Quicken since Quicken for Dos.). I was told that they have no record of this problem ever being escalated. [Removed - Disruptive] In 5 seconds I did a web search and found this post. [Removed - Speculation] Every item seems to take many phone calls and each time I call they make me feel like it is the first time…….doing the same troublshooting that did not work last time. (or the time before). And their stock answer is to create a new account or a brand new file……when eventually, they hopefully fix the problem and it was on their end all along. How annoying. Hopefully, there will be a fix before the year is up.


  • tachy
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    That should say April 2023. (not 2026, lol)

  • tachy
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    I just wasted another hour on the phone with a supervisor. First she said she could not submit a report of the problem, unless I created a brand new empty file and recreated the problem. We did that. We created a blank file and the exact same bug or problem existed when using that file. Typed text vanished as soon as I hit the tab button or enter key.

    Then she said she could not submit a report unless I sent her a photo of all the files in my data folder. (and the location of this folder on my computer) (reading the path of the folder was not good enough.)

    Then she said she could not submit a report without me submitting a photo of the problem. Can you please explain how you can submit a photo that would help anyone solve this problem? [Removed - Disruptive] (Hmmm….a photo of a blank memo line? ). I would think my description (on this phone call and the prior 3 calls that I have made since January), and the description of the other 30-50 people in this thread would suffice before they start looking into the problem.

  • Sco0ter
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    I am Using R48.15 The same problem. I thought I was crazy, but after reading the same comments over and over, there is a bug. When will this be fixed??
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    I'm using Quicken Premier Version R48.18, Build and I have this issue. It happens on every single downloaded transaction. I have no trouble at all recreating the issue. The only workaround I have found is to save the transaction from the download list and then edit the record's memo after and save again.
  • tachy
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    That is the exact work-a-round that I have been using (although, must admit, I occasionally forget and type the whole memo line only to realize my stupidity when it disappears, lol. It should be an easy enough thing for them to fix…if they ever admit that the problem exists.

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    "I'm also reporting same issue with memo cleared after pressing tab while processing downloaded transactions. I have had the issue for months but hadn't found this thread until now. Very annoying to type a long description only to have it cleared out and forced to type again!

    FYI, one other workaround I have found (which may possibly give a clue to the cause) is that if you tab past the comment (in my case to category) and then Shift-tab to return to memo, then the typed memo is retained after entering and pressing tab. Still a VERY annoying workflow interruption. Clicking on category after memo also seems to retain the memo (as others have indicated.
  • Jbeach3
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    Another observation on the issue — if a comment is imported into the downloaded transaction (either from the bank's comment or from an automated memorized payee list comment insert) then overwriting the comment before accepting the record / saving works properly and the new comment is retained properly after TAB. The issue is only present when the initial comment in the downloaded transaction is null. [Edited - Readability]

  • klpeake
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    TIP: If you click into the payee field first and then tab to the memo, it retains the information when you tab to the category

  • Jbeach3
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    Thanks for the tip, klpeake! That simplifies the workflow a bit for a workaround. Not sure if any Quicken employees are reading this thread or not anymore, but it would be helpful to at least get an acknowledgement that the issue is recognized. We have offered info which should be helpful for a developer to narrow down the issue.

    It appears to be a repeatable issue when transactions are downloaded which don't have either bank comments or payee list comment inserted. It seems to have something to do with clicking directly into the memo field from the downloaded transaction portion of the window. If you click into another field and TAB into the field, the data is retained properly.
  • tallguy
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    Same issue and it's May 4th now. Apparently Quicken isn't breaking any speed records fixing the problem. I've had another issue for over a year that they've been unable to fix also. Every time they upgrade the program, I lose my financial connections. Two banks, an investment firm, and two credit cards all have to be reset on both laptops and a desktop. In January I decided not to upgrade anymore. Gee, I wish Microsoft Money was still around…

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    is there any update of a fix for this issue? I also have this problem.
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    Same issue, and I have reported this issue multiple times - no change. It has been months now. I was told once that it was a known issue and would be resolved in upcoming update - that was several updates ago, no change.

    It is SO frustrating to have your entry just disappear after you advance fields! Please fix this.

  • Just chiming in to say I have had the same issue for some time. Currently on release R49.29. Very frustrating to input several transactions to then look back and see nothing in the memo field was saved. Thanks

  • zach26276
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    Same issue for me as everyone has described.

    Version: R49.29


    Windows 10 Enterprise

    Quicken Home, Business & Rental subscription

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    Same issue. Added Memos and change updated transactions to 'Reviewed' and the next time I do an update, all the information was changed back to 'unreviewed' and no memo stays
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    Exact same problem. Annoying AF.

  • DavidJ
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    Same here, started happening in the past several weeks after upgrading to R49.33, Build For clarification... downloaded transactions do not have memos, I add the content when accepting them into the register, but when I tab over to the Category field, the memo comments are erased.

    I'm not at all pleased with the re-work of having to enter memo's twice! :-1:
  • LCJ
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    R49.33. Build Same problem. Completely reproducible. Having to re-enter stuff is driving me nuts. If I advance with Tab or Return memo clears. If mouse then not. If I go past and return (as noted by someone else) it sticks. Super frustrating.

  • tachy
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    Another month gone by and NO FIX. Every time I call, they act like it is a new problem that nobody else has…and that it has never been reported before…yet I have reported it to them starting January and again February 2023. Every time I call, they find some reason why they cannot escalate it. Quicken seems to have answered and posted a response in this thread dating back to February 2023. (but again when I called in April, the supervisor acted like it was an isolated problem effecting just me and that nobody has reported this problem to the developers yet.). She had me create a brand new Quicken file and what a surprise, the bug effected the empty, brand new file too. So frustrating. (and what a waste of time). I have been using Quicken since the Quicken for DOS days……perhaps almost 40 years, and never has the support been so frustrating.
  • pamelastefanowic
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    I'm having the exact same issue. I type a memo, then hit tab to select a category, and the memo text has disappeared. Wasn't a problem for years with two-line display. It's been a problem for months and today after having to retype several memos, decided to research the problem.

    In my other Quicken file, there is no problem as the category field is to the left of the memo field. So one tabs into the category field first, then the memo field.

    Since problem apparently not resolved by Quicken,I changed the settings of the one with the disappearing memo field to match the settings of the file that worked (where the category field is before memo field). I actually prefer this order when adding downloading transactions.

    To change order, open the settings (gear icon) top right on any register. Go down list and under Global Preferences, select Register Preferences. The deselect "Show memo before category."

    You'll still have both category and memo fields, but tab order changes and you will probably select category before adding a memo. And at least the memo won't disappear.

  • Dale Adamson
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    I'm running Canadian version R50.9, and having this problem: start with downloaded transaction, type something in the memo field, hit enter or the save button, and the memo disappears. Go back enter the memo again, and it saves fine the second time.