Trying to update my software to either 6.12.0 or 6.12.01

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I am running macOS Monterey Version 12.6.3 on my iMac (Retina 5K, 27", Late 2015).

I am trying to get my Quicken version 6.11.3 to update to either 6.12.0 or 6.12.1.

When I "Check for updates" on Quicken, it states that I am using the latest version 6.11.3 (however, I know that this is incorrect because the software on my laptop updated).

I have deleted the application from the Application folder and then rebooted my computer. When I log into, on My account page, I click on "Access Your Apps", and then download the application. It installs 6.11.3 and when I click "Check for updates" on this newly installed application, it says "I'm running the latest version 6.11.3".

I have run out of options that were posted previously. Please advise.


  • cbellaustx
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    Nevermind. I went to the site and clicked on "Support". I downloaded a new version of Quicken for Mac from this site instead of "My Account". This version after installation prompted me to update to 6.12.1. So my issue is resolved.
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    In Quicken, try File > Sign Out. Then do File > Sign In. Then check for updates again to see if it will install 6.12.1.
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