What is going on with my sync??

I was using Quicken Desktop on 2 computers and cloud syncing and everything was going great. Loaded Quicken to a new laptop. It all updated on everything. Now, I make a change the web and sync it, it will sync to that desktop. Then I open on another computer. The web is correct but the desktop is not. If I sync there, it uses that desktop version and replaces what's on the web, so now half of my transactions are missing. I can go back to the other computer and sync from the desktop to the web and get them back. I guess my ultimate question is, we have 3 computers. How do we make it so that we can see the most up to date stuff without replacing or overwriting stuff on another computer to end up with missing things? I can sync when I start and then make changes and then sync again. You would think that's how it should work and I should be able to get the most up to date stuff, but it's not working. It's almost like I should be able to select which way the sync should go. So, is my only option to save to a thumbdrive everytime and then have to pass the thumbdrive off and reload EVERY time I use it. This is so frustrating!


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    Quicken Cloud Sync doesn't work like that, you can't use it to keep multiple desktop files in sync. You need to choose one computer where you will keep your Quicken file, and on the other computer use Quicken on the Web.

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    Just so you have a clear picture of what is happening.

    There is the Quicken Desktop data file and there is the Quicken Cloud dataset (on the server).  These are the two things that are being synced.

    In the case of Quicken Mobile/Web they are basically just GUIs accessing the Quicken Cloud dataset.  Therefore, you can have multiple ones of these interacting with the Quicken Cloud dataset.  Quicken Desktop on the other hand only accesses the Quicken Desktop data file.  If one wants to access that one data file from different machines it would have to be copied between each machine as it is changed.  Not something that is easy to maintain.
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