Fifth Third Folly - Need abandon ship a reliable national bank to work with Quicken

Anybody change banks and seen less difficulties and better reliabilty with their Quicken client performance ?


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Bank of America has always worked well for me. Them switching from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect+ recently was a disaster but not a total catastrophe. They're still reliable with cruddy EWC+.

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  • jbaaremartin
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    Thanks Rocket. Now, just for physical recourse, I'll have to research how far away a BoA physical branch is. This might be what I need to see my daughter in LA more regularly... B)
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  • Chris_QPW
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    If you need a physical bank, then your choices go way down.

    Personally, I'm using Chase which also switched to Express Web Connect +.  It is working for me (and I think most people), but not for everyone.  Most likely that is the same with pretty much any other financial institution especially the ones using Express Web Connect or Express Web Connect +.
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