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If you are older than 70 and purchase the softwear for Quicken, Please be advised if you use it as a personal check book not attached to your banking institution note you will be charged $63.82 automatically each year even though you are not aware of the charge because you failed to see some option when you purchased the program. I recall after installed I made a choice not to share information with my banking system however I did not know I was paying for this privilege I did not request or want.


  • Lillian Turner
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    I did not see the charge on my credit card in December until February when the charges came to my attention of several charges therefore they did not refund my money. Pretty stiff penalty for learning curve. However I am now informed!!
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    Not sure what you did … 
    They are billed annually for a “subscription” that allows online downloaded along with program updates. 

    What are the different versions of Quicken?
    The four versions and their prices are:
    • Quicken Starter for $41.88 per year.
    • Quicken Deluxe for $59.88 per year.
    • Quicken Premier for $83.88 per year.

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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    @Lillian Turner I'm not sure if your post was to vent your frustration, or if your goal was to alert other users who purchase a subscription directly from Quicken that they should be certain they turn OFF automatic renewal of the subscription in their account. If the latter, that's a good awareness message to share.

    (Side note: This also illustrates the importance to everyone of reviewing your credit card bills and bank statements at least monthly, so you can take timely action if you find something incorrect or unexpected.) 

    Back to Quicken, I would add that people who plan to not renew should be aware that if/when you don't renew the subscription, the program will steal about 30% of the right side of your Quicken screen for a permanent notice/ad/offer to renew; there is no way to remove this message area unless you do renew. Some people are okay with doing a little extra horizontal scrolling to live with the intrusive renewal message in order not to pay the annual subscription; some people find it too annoying and end up renewing to make it go away. (One more note: if you purchase the lowest subscription level, Quicken Starter, you cannot continue entering transactions once the subscription expires; only Quicken Deluxe and above allow you to continue manual entry after a subscription ends.)

    (@Ps56k2: I'm guessing the $63.82 charge Lillian describes is the renewal of a Quicken Deluxe subscription at $59.88 plus the addition of sales tax.) 
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