Editing a Split Mortgage Payment Produces Nonsense

This has been going on for quite some time. I am on the latest version. A split-transaction mortgage payment appears fine on the main UI. However, if one chooses 'Edit Payment Details', nonsense data is populated in the dialog-box. See attached images.
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  • UKR
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    AFAIK, the Scheduled Reminder transaction in a mortgage should only contain the following 4 lines:
    PMI and taxes cannot be added to the splits as separate lines if they are paid by the mortgage company out of funds held by the mortgage company in an Escrow account. You need a separate Escrow account register in Quicken. When the mortgage company makes PMI or tax payments, record same in the Escrow register as they occur. The amount of PMI and tax sent in with every payment appears as a transfer to Escrow register in line #4
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    I have 2 Escrow lines in my split, so that I can track both RE taxes  and Insurance

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  • jeffledbetter
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    As can be seen in my picture, when I edit the payment, Quicken takes my current payment and produces nonsense. The 2nd image is nothing I've entered.
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