Reconciling (adding the "R" tag) the investment transactions in a linked CMA account.

If the investments in a linked CMA account all end up in the cash account register, and one reconciles the cash account side... why doesn't Quicken tag the transactions as "R" reconciled in the investment account ledger?... why does this have to be done manually?... quite a pain if one has lots of investment transactions. It would seem easy to toggle the "R" in the investment side of the linked transaction. Am I missing something...?


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    You need to reconcile the investment account because it is different than reconciling the linked checking account.

    When you link a checking account the "cash transactions" are pushed into the linked checking account.

    That still leaves the investment account with all the non-cash transactions.  Investment account reconciling is a two-step process.  First you have to ensure that the number of shares in all the securities is correct.  And then you have to reconcile the investment transactions that affect the balance to make sure they are correct.
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