why is the subscription renewal price not the same as the 40% off price for new customers?

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renewal pricing


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    Pretty much every business that offers subscriptions offers discounts or teaser rates to entice new subscribers - magazines, newspapers, cellular, cable TV, satellite TV, streaming services, etc, etc, etc. Quicken is no different. Pretending to be shocked at this sales tactic - like you suddenly emerged from hundreds of years of hibernation into the 21st century - really isn't as convincing an argument as people like to think.

    Whenever I'm considering signing up for a service, I always ignore the new subscriber rate & look for the renewal rate. If I'm not willing to pay that, I move on.

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  • quicken support just ignores your renewal date when you pay and resets it to 12 months from the original date you purchased this wretched annual robbery price program - they sell you 12 months and then give you only 11 months - shoud be reported to truth in sales, better business bureau and the FCC or FTC department whichever of those applys
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    This is defintely not how it is supposed to work, your subscription should have been extended by 12 months.

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    just call in to quicken they will most likely give you the lower price you are quoting or just cancel the renewal and order from the distributor who has the lowered price.
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