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My TD Ameritrade account shows that I have shares of BlackRock High Equity Income Fund Investor A Shares BMEAX. However, they are being downloaded as BlackRock High Yield Bond Portfolio BHYIX. Apparently, this has been going on for extended period of time as I am preparing my taxes.

When trying to add BMEAX to security list, it does NOT appear.

Using version R47.11 with Windows 10.


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    Update: CUSIP for BMEAX is 09260B630
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    Is there a way to manually add a CUSIP?
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    drbruce_2 said:
    Is there a way to manually add a CUSIP?
    No, Quicken adds the CUSIP when the security in Quicken is matched to the online security. What you should do is
    1. Backup your data in case something goes wrong
    2. Go to the Security Detail view for BHYIX, click on Edit details, and un-check the Matched to online security box.
    3. Add BMEAX to your security list if it is not already there. Make sure "Show hidden securities" is checked, in case it is currently present but hidden.
    4. Edit the incorrect BHYIX transactions so they reference BMEAX instead.
    5. The next time there is a transaction for BMEAX to download, you should see a Match dialog. Carefully match the transaction to the correct security.
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    5b. You can also Reconcile Shares from your account transaction list. That will present you the opportunity to match the broker’s BMEAX to your Quicken BMEAX. (No need to wait on a new transaction.)

    6.  If you need to correct security names in transactions you will need to do that manually one at a time.

    7. Your BHYIX price history may show a lot of wrong prices perhaps mixed in with correct prices. Depends on your download and update patterns. If need be, you can delete the bad ones and fill in with correct values. Ask if you need more direction that way. 
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