"Add Reminder" for Online Payment transaction creates Transfer (not payment!)

Today discovered/confirmed "Add Reminder" for transmitted Online Payment transactions does NOT create an Online Payment reminder. Instead, it creates a "Transfer" which of course does NOT initiate an Online Payment. "Add Reminder" for Online Payment transaction BEFORE IT"S TRANSMITTED appears to create the correct reminder. But this is at best a WORKAROUND, not a fix. I've "Add Reminder" for transmitted Online Payment transactions successfully many times before over decades of QK use.

This bug explains why I've had missed payments (w/late fees and interest) over the last couple of month.

************************ QK - when will this be fixed? *******************

Signed - Unhappy Customer


  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    What bank are you trying to send online payments to? If it's one of several that have recently changed their connection method from Direct Connect to Express Web Connect+, the ability to send online payments is gone and will not return. It is not a Quicken bug but a change initiated by the banks.

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  • kevin17@
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    @Rocket J Squirrel I'm using the same FI (Wells Fargo) I've used for online payments for decades. I understand QK interface has changed and pains associated with that. And the issue I have has nothing to do with the ability to send online payments. It's only with the "Add Reminder" feature.

    If you still think this is an FI issue, help me understand this:

    "Add Reminder" fails for "Online Payment" transactions BEFORE sending to the FI, works fine after QK sends to the FI and it processes it. How is this the FI's issue, and not QKs? I mean, what FI responsibility do they have for a transaction that exists ONLY in QK, before transmission to FI?

    Now, if the "Add Reminder" results were reversed (works upon entering, fails after transmitting) I would agree it's an FI issue.

    Puzzled & Unhappy Customer

    P.S. Seems the volume of "improvements" QK is pushing is degrading user experience. Lots of inconsistencies surfacing...
  • Boatnmaniac
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    WF has not cut in EWC+ (at least not yet).  There has been no connection method changes made by WF...they still offer DC (with Bill Pay), EWC and WC.
    @kevin17@ - I am assuming you are talking about using DC Bill Pay with WF and not using Quicken's Bill Manager QuickPay or CheckPay services.  Please correct me if my assumption is incorrect.
    If my assumption is correct, please help me to understand why you find a need to set up a payment Reminder after the Bill Pay command is sent to WF?  When that Bill Pay command is sent to WF it will automatically create a transaction for it in the account register so what purpose does setting up a post-send Reminder have?
    Don't get me wrong.  I'm not criticizing.  Just trying to understand the rationale and process so I can know how to perhaps provide a good response.

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