EWC+...are you for it...or ????

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I have been using EWC+ now since early October 2022...still...hate it.  It requires duplicate work, entry at BofA Website, entry in Quicken, and, the EWC+ connection is SLOW.  I realize we don't have a say, Banks/Quicken say they listen to customers...its not so.  I think they are still working on the SLOW connection...seems if so its been well over 30 days. I tried Wells fargo and truist banks DirectConnect...all I can report, they both work.  Wells fargo has reported they are converting to EWC+, Truist has not reported a change, but they Just completed a merger that created all kinds of issues so they may be letting the dust settle before going to EWC+ as well.  

Thought I would POST to see how other users feel about EWC+...who knows, maybe someone has come up with a system using EWC+ to same time, streamline entry time, etc.   


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    I have a system to streamline entry time, and it doesn't matter what the connection type is.
    I have my bills setup to automatically be paid from my credit card (preferred) or my checking account.  And the credit cards are automatically paid from my checking account.

    I enter almost nothing in advance but do have reminders for the "big ones" mostly just for doing cash flow in the checking account.  But even that I don't really follow that much because I finally realized how stupid it was to have "savings account" at Chase that paid less than 1% as where I would keep my money that I was going use in the next few months.  So, now that "savings account" is just the checking account.  For longer term cash savings, I keep it in a Synchrony Bank that pays 3.75% (and I'm considering moving to a Salem Five Direct account that pays 4.1%)

    About the only entries I make are my wife's paycheck, because she is hourly and the hours and bonuses change all the time, I have put that in each week, and then I have to correct the transfer reminders for the credit cards because of returns or generally not knowing the exact amount.

    Other than that, I use automatic transaction entry mode (which I don't recommend using in investment accounts to anyone that is experienced with the kinds of bugs they have never fixed in that setup).  My downloads mostly consist of looking to see the transactions have categorized correctly (99% that is true), correcting them if they aren't.  And running a reconcile, which also marks the transactions reviewed at the same time.  Note I also at times workaround the fact that the online balance isn't up to date by just waiting until it is, which is usually the next day.

    As for talking about Express Web Connect + itself, I see no point in it.  To me that just sounds like you want to start a complaint thread that will change nothing other maybe stroking your emotions that you aren't alone.  This like starting a thread complaining about taxes.  It isn't like anyone can do anything about it.
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