Using Statement balance and Quicken balance is getting in the way

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When reconciling, with the statement balance why does the "Quicken Balance" appear and why does it not match my statement balance?


  • Jon
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    Quicken Balance is what Quicken thinks your balance should be as of the statement ending date. 

    There's a couple reasons why it might not match your statement balance.  One reason is that you have cleared transactions around the statement ending date that Quicken is including but aren't included in your statement, or vice versa; sometimes the dates can differ by a day & push something into the next statement period. So I'd start by checking the transactions within a day or two of the statement ending date & make sure there isn't anything extra or missing. 

    If you don't see any issues there then it's time to go over the entire statement one transaction at a time. Mark all the transactions as uncleared & then go down your statement & mark each transaction as cleared in Quicken. That should get everything synced up again.

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  • jacobs
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    That's what reconciling is for: to compare the statement balance from your financial institution with the balance Quicken has. If there's a difference, then going through the reconciliation transaction by transaction should reveal one or more differences between what you have in Quicken and what the financial institution has on their statement. It could be an extra transaction, a missing transaction, or a wrong transaction amount. If you're not finding the source of the discrepancy, provide more information about exactly what you're seeing so we can try to help you figure it out.
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