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Paul Freedman
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I have some securities that show that I am holding shares but no transactions are displayed. I select a range of dates going back to 1983 when I started investing. When I click on the security it shows i have 450 shares but there are no transactions displayed. I have the symbol GIS for General Mills and the system is updating the quotes but I cannot see any history of transactions.


  • Jim_Harman
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    If you go to Tools > Security List and click on the security name to see the Security Detail View, are there shares shown under My Holdings?

    Are any transactions displayed in the Security Detail View?

    If shares are shown but there are no transactions, one possibility is that the shares are in an account you have marked Separate. For some reason, Quicken does not show transactions for Separate accounts in the Security Detail View.

    Please post back for more ideas if that does not explain your issue.

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  • Paul Freedman
    That was the case. I use separate accounts to track my 96 year old mothers accounts. She has shares but since I list those accounts as separate the transactions due not show up. IMHO that is a bug. If the shares show up in the security view the transactions should show up as well. I keep them separate so they do not impact my valuation reports or my taxes. But the transactions should still show up.
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