Cannot change "Allocation by Asset" graph

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When I click on the "Investing" tab, then Allocations", the graph shows 17 accounts. I need to add a new account to this graph/report. So I click on the graph, and then click on "customize report". I go to the "accounts" tab and find the missing account. I check the box for the missing account, then click "OK". The new total in the resulting window shows that the missing account was added to the Total balance. Looks good so far. Then I click to close the window and am asked "Do you wish to save this report for later use?". I click "Save..." and "Save" again, which returns me to the "Allocation by Account" graph which only shows the original 17 accounts. The account I add is not included and the "Total" does not include the balance of the added account. If I do this over again, the account is not checked in the account selection list.
How do I add this account????


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    I'm not sure which graph you clicked on, but the accounts and securities that are included in the graphs and other information on the Investing > Allocations page are controlled by the boxes at the top of the page. If you want to include another account  you need to select it at the top of the page, not on one of the graphs. This setting should be "sticky", i.e. it is remembered if you exit and restart Quicken.

    Clicking on the Allocation by Account graph, as it sounds like you did, displays a customized version of one of Quicken's reports. If you make changes and click on the floppy disk icon to save this, the report is saved under Reports > My Saved Reports or another folder of your choice, and does not affect the graph on the Allocations page.

    If I misunderstood your issue, please post back.
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    Very helpful. I went to the dropdown that showed 17 accounts and clicked on "custom". That allowed me to add the missing account.
    Thank you.
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