I notice that Quicken is logging into my banking account very early in the mornig

I was reviewing my bank account login information and every day between 3-4am there is a login request via Mac OS15.1 (I don't own a Mac). I changed my bank account password and didn't see the login. I then added the new password to Quicken and am now seeing the login again, all between 3-4 am. Not sure if I missed something in the EULA. Anyone else seeing this?


  • mark5fingers
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    also, I do not use Quickens mobile or web applications.
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    Certain banks have moved to a protocol called EWC or EWC+ … which uses a 3rd party proxy service to access your accounts for future downloading into Quicken.  If you look at the top of your Quicken Register, it will show which protocol is being used 
    What bank are you using ? 

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    Do you download transactions via EWC or EWC+? Both of those transaction download methods store your transactions on aggregation servers. The aggregation server logs in to your financial institution nightly to retrieve your transactions. You then download transactions fro the aggregation server. 

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  • mark5fingers
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    Makes sense. I'm banking via Truist and using EWC. I'll verify this also with the online deactivated. Thanks for the information.
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