2013 going crazy

I upgraded from I think 2008 to 2013 and all was well for at least a year. Now 2013 is going crazy. content disappearing while I'm using it, like a weird computer glitch. I turn it off and back on and it is ok, but I have lost what I did not save. Is there an upgrade I need? Should I buy a newer version and will that version make a clean upgrade?


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    Windows 10 by the way.
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    There is no traditional "save" like using Word or Excel in Quicken.  Quicken saves each and every transaction as you leave it, so you shouldn't lose more than one transaction.  If you are losing more than one, it sounds like you have file corruption.
    Moving to subscription Quicken (the latest version) should convert your 2013 data file, but if you have corruption, it is likely to follow.

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