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i do have a new computer as of November. The quicken ap transferred to the new Mac Book Air but only started waith May 2022. I can no longer get a category such as medical for my tax accountant.


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    The process of moving a Quicken data file from one computer to another has no capability to move only some transactions -- that is, it's almost impossible that only transactions from May 2022 and later were transferred to your new Mac -- so we need to figure out that is actually going on. You provided pretty sparse information, so I have a number of questions...

    On your old Mac, were you using the current (subscription) version of Quicken Mac, or did you have the very old Quicken 2007?

    Do you still have the old Mac?

    Do you have any backups of your Mac, such as a Time Machine hard drive or other backup software?

    Are you seeing transactions from May 2022 forward in your register? In a report? Both? If it's the register, are you sure there are no filters set? You would see this above the register on the line with the dates, type and status filters; is there a green Clear Filters button, like this…


    Now, let's dig in a little more... Are you saying that you switched to the new Mac in November, and everything with Quicken seemed okay for the past three months, but you've just now noticed all your old transactions are missing? Is it possible they were there after you switched, but "disappeared" recently? The reason for my question is that it's possible there are more than one Quicken data files on your Mac; sometimes after a software update, Quicken opens the "wrong" — e.g. not more recent — data file.  

    The more specific information you share, we'll hopefully be able to point you to a good resolution.
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