Do I actually have support

Been a Quicken subscriber and user for 25 years. Normally don't need help but I do now. The chat with someone named Randy didn't go well. He never responded. Do we actually have live support with Quicken under this new ownership? Doesn't seem like it.


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    Do you have a QMac question? Perhaps someone here could help you out.
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    Chat support — with any company — can be hit-or-miss, in my experience. Since phone support with Quicken is also part of your subscription, I encourage calling for support, even though you may have to wait a bit to get connected. If your problem is something straightforward, such as your subscription renewal or a question about how to do a specific procedure, then chat support might be sufficient.

    But since many issues with Quicken turn out to be more complex, having a live conversation is often better than the slow back-and-forth of chat support. Additionally, the phone representatives can request to do a screen-share with you when appropriate, if you need to demonstrate the problem you're having or if they need to look at log files or other configuration aspects of your system.

    That all said, as with any company, some support representatives are excellent, some are okay, and some are not good; if you have trouble the first time you call, it may take a second call to a different person to get things to click properly. 

    The approximate wait times for phone support are posted on the page. (I just looked; it's currently showing 13 minutes.) Find a time when you can be at your computer doing something else productive while waiting to be connected so you don't get frustrated with the wait.
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