Program Update Alerts - Email Notification Opt-In?

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I'm a company administrator and would like to keep our products up to date.
Where could I go to opt-in to email notifications for Quicken Windows program updates?


  • Chris_QPW
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    In general, Quicken Inc doesn't send out email alerts for program updates.  They do send email to customers for various reasons at times, but not for every program update.  Note that there are notifications of updates in the program when running One Step Update and when starting the program.

    I think the most reliable updating of when a release is available is by checking this webpage from time to time (outside of running the program).

    They do have announcements on here that can be bookmarked that can send email, but they are a different announcement for each of the monthly updates.  Like R45.*, R46.*, R47.*.
    This is my website:
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