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1. Income: I was looking at the new dashboard item that graphs income and expenses. It show us as having no income. We don't have any wage income but we do get money from various sources like social security and various other sources. Why doesn't that count as income in the dashboard and how can we make it count as income?
2. Categories: Can I set something so that when I categorize an item from one income or expense source or purchase, it changes that for all other instances of that source or purchase. This would be hugely valuable for creating a budget and tracking income and expenses in a particular category.


  • jacobs
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    In order to address your #1, can you share how the deposit transactions for your social security and other sources are categorized in Quicken? You can post a screen shot, or just describe what categories you're using. 

    For #2, are you asking about a way to change existing (past) transactions, or how to have it automatically categorize future transactions?
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