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Hi: Anyone else unhappy with the NEW update Summary on a Mac? I uploaded a new update this morning and the update summary no longer has the view of all account with the capability of links to those accounts right from the Summary window as it did in the previous version. The old version was very useful to link especially of there were errors messages on a particular account. I called Quicken and they said this is the new window and write a message the forum so the SW Developers can view it as feedback. Too bad that they make changes that we all need to live with without allowing us to revert to a "legacy" view if we wanted to.


  • jacobs
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    I might not be understanding something fully, but you're referring to the Connectivity Status window, right? To the left of the financial institution name in that window, there's a ">" icon. When you click that, it shows the account or accounts you have at that institution. You can click on those account names, and Quicken opens the account in a window. So what link to the accounts is missing in the new version? 
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