trying to recover data from an old Quicken 2014 file... Have reinstalled Quicken 2016 - (edit)

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I'm trying to recover data from some old (~2014) QDF file. I have reinstalled Quicken 2016. When I open it up, a screen pops up telling me to enter my Intuit ID. There is nowhere on the screen to enter anything.

I no longer use Quicken and my subscription has expired. I hope Intuit doesn't intend for me to pay for a subscription to use a program I already own.


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    Intuit doesn't own Quicken, they sold it years ago.  The new company is called Quicken Inc.
    And installing Quicken 2016 is problematic.  First off, you need to apply the latest patch so that it is at least looking for the Quicken Id, not the Intuit Id.  But even past that, logging in with the Quicken Id for versions lower than Quicken Subscription will not work because of a change on the server.  There is a workaround, but only if you have the Quicken.ini file from a working machine:

    But for your given problem, even with an expired subscription, you should be able to get at your data and create reports or QIF exports.

    Note I would actually recommend installing this version of Quicken Subscription to start with instead of the one they point to in that article.  The one in the article is the newest version, and "reverse patch" doesn't always work right.  Whereas this install is for the oldest subscription version, and so the patch will be "forward", which is how the patching system is designed to work.
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    cbgbz said:  I no longer use Quicken and my subscription has expired.
    If you have actually installed a “subscription” version, then I think that the Quicken “INI” subdirectory might have been overwritten and the old 2016 one is not avail … 

    If your QUICKEN.INI was in the C:\ProgramData\Intuit\Quicken\Config folder, it's from the previous version of Quicken.

    The QUICKEN.INI from Quicken Subscription is in the C:\ProgramData\Quicken\Config folder.

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