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I have a few clients that could use Quicken for their bookkeeping. One such client wants me to purchase the software and load all of his 2022 transactions in order for me to do his taxes. I personally have Quicken Deluxe R47.15. Can I do all of this on my computer, backup the file to a thumb drive, and have him restore it to his computer?

I understand the client will need his own Quicken ID. What do I need to do to use his Quicken ID to help him out?


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    If both of you are using Quicken Subscription and you have active subscription you don't need the clients Quicken Id/Password.
    When you open the data file you can just sign in with your Quicken Id.  Note that if the client is using a data file password, you will need to know that.  If you are to make changes and send the data file back to the client, they will have to log into their Quicken Id when they open the data file.

    Note if in both cases if one doesn't want even to let the other know what their Quicken Id is, then you can first logout and then close the data file before sending it.  Edit -> Quicken ID & Cloud Accounts -> Sign in as a different user

    I assume you understand that if they are using a higher edition your Deluxe edition will be able to open that data file, but since it doesn't have the higher edition features you can't use them, but the data file can actually be "downgraded" and "upgraded" without any problems.  But I would definitely avoid any online updating.
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