BMO Harris - website change

Can anyone confirm whether BMO Harris has taken steps to report their upcoming URL change?

I received an announcement today from BMO Harris indicating that their website will be changing from to effective February 25, 2023. Their announcement says..

"Beginning ​February 25​, 2023, you’ll access BMO Digital Banking and our other online services through bmo­.com rather than bmoharris­.com."

"If you use a third party digital service that connects to your BMO account (such as Intuit Mint or Quicken), you will need to update the BMO URL you’ve entered into that service in order to reestablish the connection to your account."

Quicken support says (via

"If Quicken is displaying an incorrect Homepage URL, the financial institution will need to report this URL change to the Quicken financial services provider through their account manager. This is the only method, as the financial institution can confirm that the URL in Quicken is truly incorrect and not just experiencing temporary difficulties. Quicken Support cannot make this change."


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    I don't think there's any way for anyone here to know if BMO has properly notified Intuit (Quicken's connectivity provider) about the change, and whether Intuit will seamlessly make the change on the appointed day. 
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