How can this problem be corrected? (Q Mac)

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Unable to start Quicken for Mac a second time without uninstalling and reinstalling it. After reinstalling Quicken opens as expected, but once you close it, if you want to use it again, it won't open and you have to force quit and reinstall it to get it working again. It is installed on a brand new Mac mini equipped with the apple M2Pro chip on Mac OS Ventura 13.2.1.


  • RickO
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    When you say it "won't open" and have to force quit, exactly how far does it get? Do you see any Quicken-generated screens?

    If you haven't restarted the computer, you should of course do that. If that doesn't help, you should try starting in Safe Mode and see if the problem persists.
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  • jacobs
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    Questions… where is your data file located? In the default location Quicken uses, or a location you specified? Is the located in the top-level Applications folder (and not the Applications folder insured your User folder)?
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  • Jeanml250
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    Without knowing why, after a few manipulations and re-installation, the problem seems to be solved.
  • Jeanml250
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    I'm not sure what fixed the problem because I tried several things and I can't remember which ones worked.

    Not sure, I believe finding and fixing disk errors with "diskutil" and terminal in recovery mode may have helped fix the problem, as I reinstalled Quicken afterwards and it worked.
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