How to stop quicken from changing my memo and category on current information

I input my receipts and include the list of items I purchased under "memo" and use "category" to track my spending. When I download the transactions from CIBC, it changes my entered information. It causes extra work, because not only am I checking for amounts but now I have to reinput the memo and category information. I have to look through my old receipts to find the information.
I want to stop this! Please tell me how to disable this reassignment of information.
Thank you


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    Is the box checked for Account Details > Online Services > Don't update memo when downloading?
    If it is not checked, check it and click OK.  Hopefully that will resolve the Memo changing issue for you.
    Regarding the Category getting changed:  I have seen a few posts of this happening but not many.  And it happened to me just a couple of days ago with one transaction....the category was replaced with a split that did not have the correct amount in it.  I manually fixed it but I do not know, yet, what might have caused it.

    (Quicken Classic Premier Subscription: R55.15 on Windows 11)

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