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I am running Quicken Deluxe for Mac Version 6.12.2 (Build 612.47862.100). There is a new bar chart on the Dashboard which shows Income and Expenses by month. There is also, as in previous versions, an Income pie chart that you can access by double clicking on the pie chart in the Overview tab. Unfortunately these two income charts show different incomes because the expense category of the new bar chart includes realized gain and the legacy pie chart does not and there is no apparent way to exclude realized gain in the new bar chart or include it in the legacy pie chart. It's bad to have two reports that show different numbers. I called Quicken support twice and got what I imagine to be blank stares.


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    The new Income & Expense report in the Home > Dashboard card is problematic because it doesn't allow users to select non-retirement or non-investment accounts. I suggest you visit this Idea post requesting customization options for the Dashboard cards and add your vote (in the yellow box under the first post) and add your comment. 

    I'm hopeful that the developers will add additional refinements to this new feature so it will become more useful for everyone. 
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