How to auto-categorize a transaction based on the first part of the payee name?

Hello, my direct deposit occurs but they put a transaction ID on the end of the transaction so that it does not memorize and auto-categorize.

How do I program the payee list to recognize the first part of the party sending me the payment so that it is auto-categorized as net salary?


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    Go to Tools > Renaming Rules and Set up a Renaming Rule that matches the first part of the downloaded Payee. So if the downloaded Payee is MY COMPANY 123ABC the Renaming Rule setup would be 

    Change Payee to: My Company
    Quicken will rename the downloaded payee: MY COMPANY

    Admittedly the second caption is confusing. It would be much clearer if it was "If the downloaded payee contains" which is what it actually does.

    Then go to Tools > Memorized Payee List and set up a Memorized Payee for My Company with the desired Category.

    [adding] Or if it is a regular deposit or bill and you know the Payee, amount, and approximate date in advance, an even better way is to set up a Reminder for the transaction and accept the payment into your register. The Reminder can contain the Payee you want to use and the Category. Then when the transaction downloads, Quicken will match the download to the transaction in your register using the date and amount. 
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