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Wanted to attach a snippet, but don't see a way. I have a budget report with sub-categories of Federal, State, Medicare, and Social Security. These are sub-categories of Taxes. When I customize the report to exclude Medicare and SS, they line items do not appear on the report but are still included in the Budget 'Taxes' Total and also in the Budget Total Expenses. In other words, whether I choose to display the sub-categories or not, the Budget Totals do not change. Thus, when excluding sub-categories, the report is not correct and it is not always obvious that this is occurring.


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    New members of the forum don't have an icon to attach a file, but you can drag a file into the text box and it will show as just a clickable filename.

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  • Thanks splasher, think I've been using Quicken almost as long as you! Love it; wouldn't want to be without it. First time posting so thanks for the pointer.
  • See attached. So, here's the scenario... I have chosen to exclude some sub-categories from this report, namely Medicare and Social Security, because I want to create a report, based on my current budget, that excludes certain expense such as 401k contributions and those listed above. Unfortunately, the 'Tax Budget Total' does not exclude the excluded sub-categories. If sum the three remaining categories, they should total $13,841.68, not $18,618.28.
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