How do I get Home & Business to work, after expiration?

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I have Home & Business. I invoice, track payments & expenses, and that's it. Installed last year from CD. So, no need to update, since I don't use the online features. However, after about 3 weeks, the software auto updated, and out of habit, I clicked YES when the computer asked me if I wanted to allow Quicken to make changes.

The next time firing it up, I got an error that since it was expired, I could not use the updated version, and would have to click the link, and reinstall the software, as well as a patch. I click OK, the dialog box closes, and then the software closes.

FIRST, if the software is expired, it SHOULD NOT do an update. Or at worst, give me a message that says there is an update, but if I want it, I need to renew. It should not update and disable the software.

Then, after jumping thru the hoops, it starts, and gives me an error that the patch is after my expiration date. Expiration date was Jan. 13, patch was Jan. 12. After this happened two more times, I tried the Jan. 9th patch, with the same result. Finally called Quicken, and after a half hour, and no patch, the software started, and did not give me an error. I have used it for three days, hibernating so it won't have to restart. Today, I clicked on the icon, the Quicken screen popped up, and then it disappeared. It closed all on it's own, without warning. When I restated, I get the error about the patch being too new to use.

Any help would be appreciated, as my tax appointment is Monday. Thanks!


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