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I installed 2017 on my old computer via the CD disk. I didn't think I could install on my new computer it does not have a CD disk reader. So after installation I took the Quicken file and copied to a portable external drive. Then copied the Quicken file from potable external drive to new computer. The files are there but don't know which file to click on to get the program going?

Appreciate any suggestions!


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    Unless you have a working installation of Quicken 2017, you won't be able to install Quicken 2017 and have it work. You need the QUICKEN.INI file from a working installation.

    See: Migrating Quicken 2017 from old to new computer - Quicken Data Access Guarantee - Page 5 — Quicken
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    If you do have the stuff required  by the link cited by Greg_the_Geek, use the old computer to copy the contents of the CD to a thumbdrive and install it on the new computer using the thumbdrive.
    Windows programs like Quicken have to be installed on computer, you just can't copy the pieces to a computer and get it to work.

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