IRA RMD Distribution treated as transfer for report

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At end of year I do a full transaction report. On the income side I want to have reported the amount of my IRA RMD payments but, if I add transfers, then the report picks up all (and I mean ALL) of my internal transfers totally corrupting my intended report as to income type receipts. I tried all of the report transfer function and nothing worked. Is there any workaround?


  • Tom Young
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    Yes, you can fine tune what transfers show up on a Spending report.  So, for example, my wife's distribution from an inherited IRA shows up in the Income section of the report as "FROM {Name of Inherited IRA Account].  This is achieved by selecting this Account as a "Category" under the Category tab of the report's Customization, and the Account is NOT selected as "feeding" internal information from the Account to the report under the Account tab of the report's Customization.  (Showing an Account as BOTH an Account and as a Category would result in some double counting of "income.")  Under the Advanced tab I show Exclude Self Transfers.
    You probably will have to play around with this a bit to include/exclude transfers from the report.  
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