How to show bank transactions for an entire date range?

Diana N
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I've linked my bank accounts to Quicken and am trying to edit all the transactions (eg adding category) for the entire year of 2022. I've customized my settings to include 1/1/2022-12/31/2022 but for some reason the only transactions showing are 11/2/22-12/31/22. Missing are 1/1/22-11/1/22. It seems that I've done everything right but it's not working. Any ideas? Thanks!


  • NotACPA
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    Your bank only downloaded those dates.  See if you can download the older transactions by initiating the download from the web.
    When initiating a download from within Q, only 90 days is typical

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  • Diana N
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    Thanks for your response NotACPA. You mentioned downloading the older transactions from the web. Are you referring to going into my online bank profile and trying to export that info to quicken? I went and checked, and there doesn't seem a way to do so. Hmm
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    If I may butt in here ...
    Yes, that's what @NotACPA had in mind. Your bank's website should have selections where you can pull up older transaction by specifying a Date Range, e.g. 1/1/22 - 12/31/22 or they might have a way where you can select old monthly statements, one at a time and download their transactions as a Quicken-compatible QFX file.
    This document might also help with downloading your older transactions:

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