Why impossible to cloud sync accounts with non-USD currencies?

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This shouldn't be so hard technically speaking, no? Thanks.


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    Syncing is probably easy, doing it right isn't.  In fact, Quicken Mac will do this sync whereas Quicken Windows blocks it.
    Note I'm talking about offline accounts, any online accounts would have to be supported and Quicken Windows doesn't support non-US accounts for downloading transactions.

    The main reasons this true is:
    1. Mobile/Web apps don't have support for multiple currencies, and until they do any sync is really not complete.
    2. Quicken Windows has "true" multi-currency support, and as such knows that there should be things like an exchange rate for transferring between accounts with different currencies.  Quicken Mac's multi-currency support amounts to very little more than allowing the user to use a different currency symbol on the account.  In other words, Quicken Mac treats the amounts as just numbers, and as such transfers them to mobile/web that way.  They show up there, but they won't have the right currency symbol or know anything about how to handle transfers.
    So, the first step isn't "sync" it it goes back to this feature request:

    It is marked as planned, but hasn't yet been implemented.
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