Mac Update 6.12.2 on macOS High Sierra???

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I have a iMac that runs High Sierra OS. Will update 6.12.2 run on my Mac?


  • jacobs
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    Well…  The simple answer is that yes, it should*. Version 6.12 is the last release which will work on High Sierra; as future releases come out, you will not be able to update to new versions until you update your macOS to Catalina or above, but you should be able to continue using 6.12 for awhile longer (until something changes with the background Quicken servers which requires a more current version). 

    *There have been several reports from users in the past week that they can't login to Quicken in Quicken Mac on High Sierra and Mojave Macs. the program works fine for users who are already logged in, but for new installations, new data files, or anyone who gets logged out, something is preventing the login/authentication screen from loading. As far as we know officially from Quicken, the program should work on those operating systems. This issue has been reported to Quicken; we're waiting for them to return from the extended holiday weekend to see what, if anything, they have to say about this issue. You can read the thread about this issue here.

    My advice would be to wait a few days to see what happens with this issue.  Hopefully it's minor server issue which gets resolved quickly. But it's possible they will state that the problem can't be fixed, and that support for High Sierra and Mojave is ended.

    (Quicken's official blanket policy is that the program is supported on the current and most recent two operating systems — Ventura, Monterey and Big Sur. But Quicken Mac has typically run on at least a couple additional older operating systems, and the development team has been great about giving users advance notice when a new version will not run on an older operating system.)
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  • Jeff Strait
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    I am happy to report that the log in problem for macOS 10.13 High Sierra has been fixed.  Ten days ago I posted about my troubles upgrading my 11-year old iMac to Quicken 6.12.
    Today I was able to upgrade to Quicken 6.12.3 and log in to my account.  Everything appears to work now.  Chances are that Quicken 6.12.3 will run on your High Sierra machine as well.
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