How do I reconnect a bank to download transactions.

I opened Quicken, the download bank transactions opened but only one of the two banks was listed. How do I reestablish the connection?

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  • NotACPA
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    What's the name of he 2nd bank and are they located?
    And can you still download from the 1st?

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  • grauntie
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    El Dorado Savings Bank CA. Yes.
  • grauntie
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    I made a huge mistake! I went to the bank website and did a download from there. A dialog box came up - I did not understand what it was asking me. Now I have duplicate accounts. Do you know what I should do?
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    grauntie said: El Dorado Savings Bank CA. Yes.
    Guessing this is it - it supports both One Step Update and the manual website downloading you used....
    You should be able to just pick up and copy/move the "new acct" transactions over to your orig/old account.

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