Can’t Add New Chase Credit Card Account and connect Online Services

Hi. I have a Quicken Windows subscription. Version R47.15, Windows 10 Home. I keep trying and trying, but I am not able to setup a new Chase Credit Card Account and have it setup for Online Services (so I can download transactions). I have tried both the "Connected Account" option and the "Offline Account" option, and then trying to Edit the Account and connect the Online Services. On it shows I'm sharing data from the account I want to setup, but I do not have the connected Online Services established. I'm a long time user, and I haven't had this difficulty before. Please help.


  • Tom Young
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    Do you happen to have multiple Chase Accounts?  If so, try disconnecting all the Accounts from downloading, then do an Add Account process, making sure to LInk and not Add, the accounts Quicken finds at Chase.
  • Ps56k2
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    Here are the steps I used when Chase migrated to the new EWC+ downloading protocol, and required you to Authorize this connection on the Chase website.....

    Note sure what you did - and what you encountered -
    Here are the steps I used ... back in Sept 2022 -
     - running R43.26  - created Backups - ran - File --> Validate --> [x] Validate
    1 - went thru and manually DE-activated ALL my Chase accounts before even starting this process.
    2 - also went thru and CLOSED any old Chase accts that were in fact actually closed.
    3 - the Opening Balance in one acct was trashed - So pre-copy each acct into the Memo field for safe keeping.
    4 - then did an ADD ACCOUNT for Chase -
           and followed the directions to Authorize, Select which accts, etc
    5 - all accounts showed up with their nicknames and make sure to LINK to their existing Quicken accts
    6 - screen said that 5,300 transactions were downloaded - in fact, none actually showed up.
    7 - only 1 dup during this process.
    8 - next day - OSU - and a handful of dup transactions downloaded - from around 9/2/22 - and today is 9/18/22
    9 - will see how next week goes... with OSU and dups.

  • freddyr
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    Hi Tom & PS,

    I do have multiple accounts. Deactivating and disconnecting, then Adding the accounts has seemed to do it. Thanks!
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