Fix the download issue with Chase Already! [Edited]

It's been 4-5 months (minimum) since the ability to download account data from Chase stopped working. I've watched the Community thread post this problem hundreds of times and the same non-answer keeps getting posted. I want a refund of my annual fee until this gets corrected. The software is pretty much useless if we have to enter every transaction manually.


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    I download from Chase every day.  What's your SPECIFIC problem?

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    I also download from Chase - checking and CC - as do lots of others...
    It seems like there are a few folks that are still finding the speed bumps -

    Here is the process I used back in September to perform the Chase migration to EWC+

    Not sure what you did - and what you encountered -
    Here are the steps I used ...
     - running R43.26  - created Backups - ran - File --> Validate --> [x] Validate
    1 - went thru and manually DE-activated ALL my Chase accounts before even starting this process.
    2 - also went thru and CLOSED any old Chase accts that were in fact actually closed.
    3 - the Opening Balance in one acct was trashed - so suggest pre-copy each acct into the Memo field
    4 - then did an ADD ACCOUNT for Chase -
           and followed the directions to Authorize, Select which accts, etc
    5 - all accounts showed up with their nicknames and able to LINK to their existing Quicken accts
    6 - screen said that 5,300 transactions were downloaded - in fact, none actually showed up.
    7 - only 1 dup during this process.
    8 - next day - OSU - and a handful of dup transactions downloaded - from around 9/2/22 - and today is 9/18/22

    QWin - R54.16 - Win10

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