Paycheck setup for own business

I am trying to setup a paycheck process in Quicken. I have my own business with its own business checking account. I run my payroll from my business checking account to my personal checking account. I dont see an option to set this up. I can setup a paycheck in my personal checking account but I want to make sure it comes from my business checking account. Here is the scenario:
1) At the end of the month, money gets deducted from my business checking account.
2) I pay personal taxes and business taxes every month (plus 401k etc)
3) Then the net amount goes to my personal checking account.

So I want to track the taxes paid, transfer from business account to personal checking.

Thanks in advance


  • NotACPA
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    Just transfer the NET to your personal checking via the "Deposit Accounts" section of the Paycheck Wizard.

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