Drill-down transaction reports - how to customize columns permanently?

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When displaying any kind of summary report, including Net Worth, clicking on an amount produces a transaction detail report (called a drill-down report in some circles - don't know if that term is used here).

My problem and question is that the columns displayed in the drill-down transaction reports are not consistent.  I really want the Memo field to always display, but it only displays by default for certain report types... in many others I have to manually add the column to the pop-up transaction report.  Because that report is temporary, there is no way that I see to permanently save that change to that the Memo field will always appear in the future.

Am I missing something basic (again)?

For example (no Memo field in the default drill-down):

Net Worth report - click on any account value - and a transaction detail report comes up with columns Date, Account, Payee, Category and Amount.  I can manually right click the heading and add Memo... but have to do that every single time.

Payee Summary reports - any of them.  Similar thing:  columns are Payee, Date, Account, Category and Amount.  I have to manually add Memo every time I drill down.

Payee Comparison reports - any of them - as Payee Summary.

In contrast:

Category Summary reports - all of them - a drill down includes the Memo/Notes field.  These columns are displayed for any drill-down:  Category, Date, Account, Payee, Memo/Notes, Amount.   Same thing for the Cash Flow report.

Category Comparison reports - all fine, same as Category Summary report drill-downs.

Spending Cloud - all fine

Does anyone know how to permanently customize the drill-down reports?


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  • MontanaKarl
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    This question has rolled off of the ‘unanswered questions’ list…. Wondering if there is no way to do this, and the presence and absence of the Memo/Notes field on the selected reports listed above is an oversight / program limitation… in which case I should start a feature request in the Ideas forum?

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  • jacobs
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    @MontanaKarl I haven't spent a lot of time with it, but my sense is that you can't customize reports which are generated as drill-downs from other reports or Dashboard cards. So you either need to turn on Memos each time, or build a general-urpose report, with Memos visible, that you can customize to a time perdio and/or Payee or Category, rather than using the drill-down reports.

    So yes, creating a new Idea post for this funcitonality would probably be in order. I'm not sure what the UI would be for areports which don't permanently exist, but that's no reason no to ask for it. Or perhaps the easier ask would be for them just to enable the Memo/Notes column as a default on all transaction reports.

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