Incorrectly categorizing downloaded transactions

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I have been using Quicken since 1988. I am running Windows 11 (Windows 11 Insider Preview (10.0.22623.1325))

I download transactions from several accounts - bank, credit card etc - and Quicken will automatically assign categories to the transactions, usually incorrectly. It has been inept at this for years and I want to disable that feature.

I followed the instructions to disable the feature (edit -> preferences -> downloaded transactions -> clear checkbox) but quicken persists in incorrectly categorizing downloaded transactions.

Rebooted computer and restarted Quicken but that did not make a difference. Still doing the same thing.

Any fixes out there?


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    for your more common transactions, I would create Renaming Rules (Tools menu) and also a Memorized Payee (MP) (Tools menu) with the renamed Payee and Category with $0 for the amount and Lock the MP.
    Doing it this way, you control the Category and not Quicken.

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    Thanks for that advice. I will take a look. I was kind of hoping that the Quicken programming team could fix this rather annoying bug
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