I have Quicken for PC but I want to switch to MAC do i need to buy a new license

I have a new MAC that outperforms my old laptop and want to switch Quicken to the MAC - do I have to buy a new subscription?


  • Jon
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    edited February 2023
    Your subscription covers both Quicken Mac and Quicken Windows, you can use either one (or both). Be aware that if you're using the Home & Business version of Quicken Windows there's no equivalent on the Mac side that has those features; the Mac software tops out at Premiere.

    You might want to run both versions side by side for a few weeks - Quicken Mac differs from Quicken Windows in some significant ways. While a lot of us find the Mac version quite usable, some users prefer to stick with the Windows version. There are options for running Quicken Windows on the Mac if that's your preference, but I suggest giving Quicken Mac a chance first.
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    Also, in case you're not aware Quicken Mac is similar to but different from Quicken Windows — think close cousins rather than twins. Your data file can't be used interchangeably between the two; you can migrate your data from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac, but not back. (That's why @Jon suggested above running both programs for a while in parallel, to give you time to start learning the interface and operations of Quicken Mac, and to re-convert your Windows data to Mac if necessary before you make the switch for good. 
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