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The dashboard income and expense widget doesn't appear to be accurate. It is combining transfers into the income category. transfers are not income - why do they show up as income in this widget? This widget appears to be more of a 'cash flow' widget than an income and expense widget if its counting transfers


  • jacobs
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    @Scott Piscitelli Are your transfer transactions linked or unlinked transactions? Linked is when the transfer is to another account withint Quicken, and looks like this in the Category field: "Transfer:[Other Account name]". Unlinked is when you just have “Transfer” in the Category field. Transfer is a special category which Quicken doesn't count as income or expense in reports; it just makes money appear or disappear without Quicken knowing where it came from or went. (This works if, for instance, you pay your credit card bill from your checking account, download both accounts' transactions, and both accounts use the generic “Transfer” category.)

    If you use linked transfers, those transfers are — correctly — not counted in the Income & Expense card. (Or perhaps they're counted, but since the two sides of the transfer offset each other, the appearance is that they are not counted.) Similarly, if you use the unlinked “Transfer” category for a situation like the example above, where there is one unlinked “Transfer” in checking for money going out and another unlinked “Transfer” in a credit card account for money coming in, those two transfer transactions should offset each other and have zero net effect in the Income & Expense card. But if you have an unlinked Transfer transaction for something which you don't track in Quicken, so there is not an opposite transfer, then Quicken should ignore the transfer as it does in reports — but there appears to be a bug in the Income & Expense card where the one-sided transfer is being counted as positive or negative income. This has been reported to the developers; hopefully they will fix it in a future release.

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