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I have been using Quicken since 2009. For my personal use last year, I switched to a Mac PC. I converted my Quicken Windows data to Quicken Mac; it was a bit tedious but I could manage it, and it worked fine for some time. Then Quicken Mac encountered a loop error bug, which Quicken took 9–10 months to fix, forcing me to switch back to Windows in the meantime, resulting in a loss of valuable historical data. My question is whether the Quicken Mac version is now stable.
I understand that the Quicken Mac version is catching up fast but is still not at par with Quicken Windows, but that's OK with me as I am not a super heavy user of Quicken. However, any suggestions and advice from experts would be greatly appreciated.


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    @LittleMasti I've been a Mac user all along, so I may not be able to provide the perspective you're looking for. I remember your posts about the loop error last year, and I believe that was an issue with Quicken Cloud, not an instability with Quicken Mac. I understand if you blame Quicken Mac, since it worked fine with Quicken Windows, but I believe the problem was resolved with a back-end server fix, not an update to the Quicken Mac application. 

    So, to your question, "is the Quicken Mac version is now stable"… For me, Quicken Mac is now, and has long been, quite stable. The database is rock solid; it does not get corrupted. The program rarely crashes, and bugs causing crashes are usually fixed pretty quickly. From the limited amount that I read Quicken Windows posts here, I'd say Quicken Mac is more stable than Quicken Windows. That said, Quicken Mac still doesn't have all the features in Quicken Windows, although it catches up little by little.

    Because we all use Quicken so differently, it's almost impossible for anyone to tell you whether Quicken Mac will meet your specific needs. The problem you encountered last year was an unusual one, I believe; there aren't similar reports popping up all the time. The best way for you to determine whether Quicken Mac will work for you is to try it again, perhaps working in parallel on Quicken Windows for awhile until you're confident Quicken Mac is working as you'd expect it to. 
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