Unidentified Security on Update

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Hi. I'm running R47.15, Build Quicken Premier on Windows 10 Home.

Today, upon attempting to update accounts, I see "unidentified security" for many new downloaded investment account transactions, with one or more in every account that has a new transaction downloaded.

This is the first time I have ever seen this. Any insights on what is going on here and what I need to do? I validated the file this morning, and backed it up at that time.

I have not yet attempted to do anything with these downloaded transactions.



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    What brokerage did you download from?

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    Good question. These were downloaded from Schwab and from Pershing. Not all accounts from both of them had new transactions, but all of the accounts with new transactions had some "unidentified security" entries. So far, when there were "unidentified security" entries, it is appearing that all of new transactions of a specific security are getting the same message.
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