What do I need to sign in twice on quicken.com?

Signed into my Quicken.com. My account details are visible. I click on support and go to a new webpage where I am asked to....sign in again. Does Quicken have two separate websites: one for accounts and a separate one for help/community support? If so, it is a poor design.


  • Frankx
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    Hi @arluk,

    To answer your question - yes, signing in to your Quicken datafile is requires a password that is completely separate (and hopefully different) from signing in to this Quicken Community. And, as such, there are different sign-ins for each.

    I suspect that you would not want to have your datafile exposed to potential security issues if users of the Quicken Community could rely on your having to use the exact same password for your Quicken Community as you have for you Quicken datafile. There is no requirement that users of the Quicken Community be current users of the Quicken application - they can be anybody on the web. Do you think it would be wise for potential bad guys to know that your community password for a website available to anyone on the Web, to know that your password for that open forun is the same and yout datafile password?


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  • Greg_the_Geek
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    Quicken uses the same email address/password for quicken.com as well as signing into Quicken. You would only have to sign-in twice if you used different email addresses for each.

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  • arluk
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    Thanks for responses but the answers are not the situation I experienced and asked about:

    Greg the Geek: same email address, not two addresses. If you go back and read my original post, I signed into quicken.com, then clicked on help and was sent to a new page requiring me to sign in. My question is why the second sign in--nothing to do with entering a differnet email address.

    Frankx: My question has nothing to do with signing into my Quicken datafile: I use Quicken offline, having declined to have any of my data on the Quicken server. In my post, I referred to signing into Quicken.com--but that was only to see my account details. I agree with your point about different passwords for data and community, but it is not relevent to my situation or question.

    My quesion was why after signing into my account, I'm presented with a second sign in page to see the Quicken help and community website.

  • Greg_the_Geek
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    After signing into quicken.com, where are you clicking on help? Can you post a screen shot?

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