Where can I see the raw data Quicken gets from a bank when downloading transactions?

There seems to be some problem I'm havingh with the name two different entities are using in hte pay to field of downloaded transactions. This is not a Quicken problem, but a problem I'm having with the two companies. They both calim a particulat string is in hteir name, but I do not see it when the transaction is displayed for me to ACCEPT. I would like to review exactlyt what they put in the text of their name to try to get the confusion cleared up. What and where is the file where Quicken saves this data?


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    What is the connection method?

    Web Connect/QFX file and Direct Connect is in the OFX log and Express Web Connect and Express Web Connect + is in the Cloud Sync log (or at least the Quicken side of it since it travels through a Quicken server and an Intuit server).

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    You might also just try turning on the Downloaded Payee column.

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