Creating an Itemized Expense Report why are Split Transactions not Saved

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I will go through the steps used to create this report, please bear with me (not insulting your intelligence). Select New Report\ Expense\ Itemize Payee\ Show Splits\ Save Report\ Close Report. Open saved report\ missing split item (s) - report incorrect)\ return to update to include split items\ Okay\ Report correct\ Save report. Reopen report again not saved as setup. It appears there is a problem in saving reports as setup.


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    What version of Quicken are you running? In Quicken for Windows there is no “New Report” option, you are always customizing one of the standard reports.

    When you customize one of the standard reports, it is saved under Reports > My Saved Reports & Graphs. This is clearer if you access the reports through Reports > Reports & Graphs Center, where reports you have saved are in the column at the right.

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    Jim, thanks for the reply. Using Release R47.15, you are correct about "new report", realized after sending it. Yes, all new reports are through Reports & Graph Center. I select "Spending"\ Itemized Payees\ Customize\ Last Year (2022)\ Report Layout\ Show Splits\ use default setting for rest of report. View Report then narrow search to my need(s)\ Accounts All\ Categories only Charity-Non Cash\Payee All\ Tag created - Charity-Non Cash\ Run report. There are only three (3) transactions categorized Charity-Non Cash. The original report is correct when viewed first time. Save Report with correct Title in a unique folder. After saving the report it is still on the screen and I print copy(ies). I close the report, it is correct as I have copies. I return to Reports & Graph Center and hoover my cursor over the folder where report is located\ I find the recently saved report, clicking it to open and this is what it looks like. It is titled "Investment Transactions"\ Earliest Date (8/29/1986 - 02/26/23 showing a multi page list of investment transactions\ or if I close it and reopen it again, same heading but the page is blank. It appears during a Quicken upgrade\Release something has happened to Reports, at least to mine as it takes forever through trial and error to get the correct customization for a good report, then it is saved then to see the corrupted version when reopened. Prior to purchase from Intuit reports were straight forward, now for me a nightmare to get the tailored report I need, then save it, to see all the hard work to create it to go for nought

    Again thanks for your concern.

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    OK, I think I see what you are saying.

    When you customize and save the Itemized Payees report, the Show Splits selection is not saved. I also see that the sections that were expanded or collapsed are not saved either. Is that it?

    I do not have an issue where re-opening the report comes up blank, and for me the title of the report matches the name I saved it under, with the date range appended.

    Also I see this is not a new problem. For example see here

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