Lost the Last Download Date/Time Function in Account Registers

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This happened to me last summer. I was advised by one of the superusers to rename and/or toss the runtime.dat file, which I did, and that fixed the problem. It cropped up again right around New Years. Since then, I've been trying everything I can think of to fix it, but can't get it done.

I think I've got the symptoms down to an almost repeatable sequence:

Starting with a new runtime.dat, if I download to Direct Connect accounts (I have 3 logins with 11 accounts), it will display the last dowload info until I download to an EWC login (1 login, 3 accounts). That causes the function to stop working for both EWC and DC logins. If I want to get it working, I need to toss the runtime.dat and start again. The reverse is also true (EWC works until downloading from a DC login). EWC+ accounts (2 logins, 2 accounts) SEEM to play nice with both of the others, as does quote downloads. So, I can download to logins using any 2 of the three download methods and retain the last download date/time function, but not to all three.

These are the things I've tried:

  • Renaming runtime.dat (I had a library of them)
  • Tossing runtime.dat
  • Logging out/logging back in
  • Resetting accounts (although not all at the same time)
  • Running Validate/Super Validate
  • Going to backup
  • Copying the file
  • Installing a mondo patch of the current release
  • Installing a mondo that updated the release
  • Reinstalling Quicken
  • Various combinations of the above listed items

I'm fairly convinced the problem is not just in the runtime.dat and there is some kind of problem in datafile, or maybe a setting that needs to be reset. The file is 16 yrs old, so I won't just toss it. To make matters worse, recently, it stopped displaying the download status window (which accounts downloaded how many transactions) as well. A new runtime.dat used to fix that too, but no longer does.

At this point, I'm reduced to manually entering my checking/savings (EWC) transactions, downloading them on the weekend, reconciling (when I can), tossing the runtime.dat and starting again. Lather, rinse, repeat. Ugh!

I'm out of ideas, other than to contact support, from which I don't expect much help. Any thoughts on how to fix this will be greatly appreciated.



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    Hello @mrzookie,

    We are sorry about this problem with missing information regarding the last download date and time. Thank you for letting us know about this here on the Quicken Community.

    Unfortunately, given the circumstances and the previous steps taken, in this case we do recommend reaching out to Quicken Support. You can do this with the information provided in this link. They will need to work with you in order to troubleshoot and diagnose this issue in greater detail with the tools and resources available to them, uniquely. I do wish that we could provide more advice from the Quicken Community, but Support's help will be necessary in this situation.

    I hope that is helpful, and feel free to reach out with any additional questions or concerns.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Jared

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