No file attachment option on one (and only one) investment account?

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We have investments with several companies. On all but one (Prudential 401K) there is an option under the little gear icon there is an option for account attachments.

Is there any way to add that? There are documents related to this account that need to be attached.

Thank you.
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    The account which is missing “Account Attachments” is set up for “Simple” investment tracking. Go into the Account Details and change it back to "Complete" tracking and you'll get the full menu back.

    If the account has been unintentionally set to Simple for a while, you'll need to check for missing transactions since that happened after you swtich back to Complete.

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    You might want to submit it as a feature request to allow for adding account attachments to an account setup for Simple investing. You certainly couldn't have attachments for transactions, but I see no reason you shouldn't be allowed to have them for the account.

    To submit an idea go to the Home page and select New Post → New Idea

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